First Time Home Buyer Program and Brookview's Survey Results


FTHBP Survey Results

681 out of 1120 households responded(60%) 
547 out of 681 (80%) were against the program 
88 out of 681 (13%) were in favour of the program 
46 out of 681 (7%) could not decide or were against the survey or did not care 
$4,510 was pledged 

248 residents spoke passionately about their position (180 Against, 59 For, and 9 Undecided).  See their comments here.

We had 1618 eligible voters respond, with 1325 opposed (82%) and 211 in favour (13%)


If you are new to Brookview or just need a refresher on the FTHBP, click here

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The First Time Home Buyers' Program is Coming to Brookview!

The City of Edmonton, under the direction of Mayor Mandel and City Council, have launched a program that will eventually see 43 Surplus School sites converted to affordable housing geared toward first time home buyers. This isn't low cost housing, but is meant to take the financial edge off of the current cost prohibited house prices. The first 20 sites have been identified and Brookview is one of them. Two other sites in Edmonton have been identified as pilot sites that will be the first locations to be developed, but ours might proceed as early as 2008. Our site is located at the 4-way stop corner on Bulyea Road and Burley/Buchanan. Your homeowners association, BCAL, had struck a committee of concerned residents whose mandate it is to survey the community and understand how the 1120 households feel about this program. The results of that survey are found above or just follow the "What's New in Brookview" Menu item.

From the City's FTHBP website they write: 

Thanks to an exemption to the Municipal Government Act and the support of Edmonton City Council and Edmonton-area school boards, the First-time Homebuyers Program will transform 20 unused school sites in city neighbourhoods into potential locations for new townhomes.