The Event of the Century


Just a sample of our invited guests.....

Other Guests are:

Name                                      Affiliation                              

Dave Hancock                 Premier of Alberta         

Bryan Anderson              Councillor, City of Edmonton    

Harold Hornig                 President, BCAL

Lillian Beltaos                  Executive Director, BCAL            

Denny May                      Son of Wop May            

Dr. Lech Lebiedowski      Curator of Alberta Aviation Museum

John Chalmers                 Historian, Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame

David Ridley                     Executive Director, Edmonton Heritage Council

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail Edmonton's Historian Laureate

Dr. Rod Macleod              Professor and Historian

Tom Sand                         President, Alberta Aviation Museum

Laura Schewchuk            Community Recreation Coordinator, SW District, Edmonton         

Cory Sousa                       Principal Planner, Naming Committee, City of Edmonton

Ron Kassian                     Euporia Signs   

Erin Hoar                          Alberta Historic Resources Management Branch Office

Doug Bayne                     River City Landscaping  

Danielle Ferchoff            Planning Technician, Sustainable Development, City of Edmonton

Michael Rintoul               Grandson of Burton      

Rick Rintoul                     Grandson of Burton      

Marina Misko                  Granddaughter of Burton (nee Burton)     

Valeria Zimmerman       Granddaughter of Burton (nee Burton)     

Calvin Gutowski              Edmonton Airport Traffic Controller

Terry Beltaos                   Commercial Pilot           

Derek Sanders               Musician           

Kathy Dahlberg               Musician           

Crisrtina Munoz              Tango Dancer   

Vicente Munoz               Tango Dancer  


Special thanks to the inspiration and planning skills of BCAL's Executive Administrator, Lillian Beltoas and her family, without which this event could never have happened.