Extension to fee Deadline

Hello Brookview Homeowners Association Ltd (BHOA / BCAL) Members,

 With the rapidly growing issues related to COVID-19, the BHOA board has considered the situation related to the fee payment deadline and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is going to make the following changes for 2020 to ease potential difficulties that appear sure to occur over the next several months.

 The deadline for paying the HOA fees without penalty will be extended from March 31, 2020 to September 30, 2020.  No interest charges for late payment will apply until after Sept 30, 2020 and Dec 31, 2020.

 Of the 1196 homeowner properties in Brookview, approximately 60% have paid their fees for 2020.  This provides sufficient funds to manage the minimal unavoidable costs that will be incurred to get through the summer months consisting of things such as spring cleanup, fertilizing, grass cutting and tree care in the BHOA managed walkways along with management of the flower bed at the Terwillegar Drive entrance sign.  Whether or not we will have sufficient funds to continue with neighborhood beautification initiatives that started in 2019 will depend on available funds.  We hope to be able to carry out the planned sidewalk flooding remediation, as that is funded from the capital reserve.

 In allowing for the deferral of HOA fees in 2020 until September, any homeowner wanting to participate in the fence repair cost share, would have to have their fees paid prior to submitting the cost share request.  Details of the fence repair cost share are on the website, www.brookview.ca .

 Since gatherings larger than 50 people are cancelled province wide until further notice, it is unclear when we would be able to hold an AGM this year, which normally occurs in June.  The AGM will therefore be put off until sometime in October.  This would align with the deferral of the fee payment deadline until September 30th and allow AGM packages to be sent to all homeowners by about mid September, giving time for proxies to be returned.

 On another note related to actual receipt of emailed correspondence for those homeowners who provided email permission, apparently there are some homeowners who have not found their emailed invoice packages.  They were all sent out in late January / early February 2020.  Those emails did contain 2 pdf attachments so be sure to check your spam folder in case your spam filter quarantines emails with pdf attachments.  If so, please make necessary adjustments to your spam filter so that emails from service@brookview.ca with pdf attachments will get through.   AGM document packages are sent in the same way, with pdf attachments.

If you are still having difficulty locating your 2020 invoice package, please contact the administrator at (780) 437 – 8761 or by email at service@brookview.ca so we can get the problem resolved.


Your BHOA Board