July 2020 Update

Hello Brookview Homeowners,


Over the last several and next several weeks you will be seeing the results of several initiatives that the volunteer BHOA board has undertaken in our community this spring and summer of 2020.


The first is the replacement of the bronze road sign lettering on the brick walls at the entrances to the community from Terwillegar Drive, Burton Road, Burrows Crescent, Buchanan Road, Burley Drive and Rabbit Hill Road.  In addition, the brick was cleaned and any deterioration in the brick is being repaired.  The new Burrows Crescent and Rabbit Hill Road lettering has not yet been put up as those signs are waiting for replacement brick to arrive that matches the existing brick as closely as possible.  The new lettering will be more reflective at night for visibility.  Much of the bronze lettering that was removed was no longer in good shape due to corrosion which significantly diminished its reflective qualities.


An updated walkway map sign graphic has been developed that reflects changes in the community that have occurred since the current map signs in the walkways were installed.  A copy of the map sign graphic and the basic map from which it was developed will be posted on the Brookview community website when they are finalized.  The new signs clearly depict with color, who is actually performing the maintenance in specific walkway areas – ie the City of Edmonton or the BHOA.  The specific colors chosen (orange for BHOA, blue for City of Edmonton) are those of the Edmonton Oilers.  The existing map signs do not show this distinction of responsibilities, which has been an ongoing source of confusion.  We trust that you will note that even under the current pandemic situation, the BHOA’s contractors have been continuing to provide the same level of maintenance services that is expected.  Tree care has been done in the BHOA walkways, grass has been fertilized and is being mowed weekly and the flower bed at the Terwillegar Drive entrance to Bulyea Road is being maintained.  Any areas in the community that are not receiving the previously expected standard of maintenance are those maintained by the City of Edmonton.


Anyone who travels the walkways will have noticed that several weeks ago, all the dog bag dispensers went empty.  Contrary to stickers that were on the bag dispensers since they were put up many years ago, the BHOA is not involved in re-filling the dispensers.  That is a service that until recently was performed by the City of Edmonton in conjunction with emptying the garbage cans in all the walkways.  For the BHOA owned walkways, BHOA contracts with the City to empty those garbage cans – and that service does continue.  The interruption in refilling the bag dispensers was a cost cutting measure imposed by the City of Edmonton due to the pandemic and we do not know when it will resume.  In the meantime, while the dispensers were empty, BHOA contracted with the same company that manufactured the new roadway sign letters to remove all the bag dispensers and re-finish them to remove years of corrosion, fading paint and peeling labels.  In about a week, the refurbished dispensers will be put back on the poles.  The BHOA has purchased a supply of the bags from the same supplier that the City of Edmonton obtains them from and will be filling the dispensers until the City resumes this service at some unknown date in the future.


Lastly, anyone who travels the walkways will notice that stakes and flagging have been set up at 5 locations on walkways owned by BHOA where there has been flooding problems over the years due to incorrect drainage slopes.  The locations are at the south intersection of the Buchanan walkway, 2 locations along the west portion of the Burton Road walkway, one location beside 336 Burton Road and one location in the wild growth area walkway behind 709 Butterworth Drive.  Concrete is going to be removed, the grading modified and new concrete poured.  This will significantly reduce flooding & freezing in winter and flooding in spring/summer.  Anyone who walks the area of the Buchanan walkway knows how bad the ice and water have been in past years – easily 4 inches deep at the lowest spot.


An additional note about the stakes and CAUTION flagging in the walkways – PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE STAKES OR TEAR DOWN THE FLAGGING THAT THE CONTRACTOR DOING THE WORK IN THE WALKWAYS HAS PUT UP PRIOR TO STARTING THE WORK OF BREAKING UP THE CONCRETE FOR REMOVAL.  Sometime over the last couple of days, someone deliberately went through the flagging and tore it down, making extra work for the contractor.  Probably teenagers having some fun but not appreciated by the contractor.


Your Brookview Homeowners Association Ltd (BHOA) volunteer Board