October 4 2020 Update

Hello Brookview Homeowners,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Brookview Homeowners Association is set for Wednesday October 28, 2020.

AGM documentation packages have now been provided to all homeowners.

For the approximately 500 homeowners who signed up for email delivery of correspondence, your AGM package was sent via email to the email address you provided on your permission form.  If you have not yet found it, check your spam folder and spam filter settings as the package does contain a number of pdf files.

For homeowners who do not live in Brookview and did not sign up for email delivery of correspondence, your AGM package was sent via Canada Post.

The remaining approximately 700 resident homeowners had printed packages visibly put in the mailbox at their front door.  If you don’t have a mailbox or your mailbox was full of other material, the envelope was securely inserted into the door jamb.  Please check your mailboxes and front door.

If you have NOT received your AGM package, please contact the administrator directly at (780) 437-8761 or service@brookview.ca .

As this AGM will be a virtual meeting using the Zoom computer application, as per the agenda, all homeowners whose accounts are up to date and request an invitation will receive an email close to the date of the meeting that will contain the Zoom meeting link.  The agenda for the AGM is included in the package.  A minimum of 50 voting eligible members either present via Zoom or represented by proxy are required for quorum.  To date, 22 valid proxies have been received.  If you are unable to participate in the meeting, please send your completed proxy and either assign it to the board secretary, Rupesh Patel or assign it to another voting eligible Brookview homeowner.

BHOA is always in need of new directors to sit on the board which includes an executive consisting of President, Vice-President, Treasurer & Secretary.  Please consider volunteering as a BHOA director in our community.  At present, there are 2 openings.

Approximately 200 homeowners remain in arrears as of this date which will affect AGM participation.  If you are unsure of your account status, the proxy form included in the AGM package will indicate the current status as of the date it was printed.  Fee payments were due by the Sept 30 extension and unpaid accounts will soon have a late charge added to the balance, so please attend to this ASAP.

Your BHOA volunteer Board and Administrator