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Brookview Fence Policy


BCAL may approve the reimbursement of repairs to certain fences owned by homeowners in Brookview in accordance with the following:
  1. Prior to any repair work taking place, the homeowner will apply in writing to BCAL for financial assistance;
  1. The application shall provide details of where the fence in question is located and what the homeowner proposes doing to repair it;
  1. One or more BCAL board members shall attend at the homeowner’s residence to assess the state of the fence and take pictures;
  1. The BCAL board shall assess the application in conjunction with the BCAL in-person assessment;
  1. The BCAL board may then approve the application in accordance with the following criteria:
    1. There must be sufficient funds available in BCAL’s budget to fund the repair, with the amount of said funds determined annually by the BCAL board and at the sole discretion of the BCAL board;
    1. BCAL will only reimburse repairs to wood fences adjoining walkways located in Brookview Community owned by BCAL or the City of Edmonton, or perimeter fences adjoining Rabbit Hill Road, Terwillegar Drive, and Whitemud Freeway, or the fences extending along the south boundary of the George H. Luck/Bulyea Park area, which fences also adjoin the homes located on the north side of Buchanan Road. BCAL will not reimburse repairs to fences between private properties or fences adjoining City of Edmonton sidewalks or streets or any metal fences;
    1. BCAL will only reimburse the following items:
                                                    i.     100% reimbursement of the material cost only (i.e. lumber) of the stringers on the outside of the applicable fence;
                                                  ii.     50% reimbursement of the material cost only (i.e. lumber) of the vertical fence boards of the applicable fence;
    1. The BCAL board, in its sole discretion, shall determine what type of lumber shall be eligible (e.g. The BCAL board may determine that only pressure-treated lumber will be reimbursed and not cedar or untreated wood) and the style of fence that is eligible;
    1. For greater certainty, BCAL shall NOT reimburse the following items:
                                                    i.     Hardware for fence repairs (i.e. screws, nails, other types of fasteners);
                                                  ii.     Posts;
                                                iii.     Paint;
                                                iv.     Labour;
    1. BCAL shall only reimburse costs associated with the replacement of such of the aforementioned materials as need replacing, as determined in its sole discretion by the BCAL board. In other words, the BCAL board may determine that a number of the stringers or vertical boards may be re-used and do not need replacing and that these items are therefore not eligible for the reimbursement;
  1. The BCAL board shall communicate its decision on the application to the applicant homeowner in writing;
  1. BCAL shall only reimburse the aforementioned costs after the fence has been appropriately repaired and painted in the colours BCAL has approved at the time of the application. At present, the existing colours are light brown for the vertical fence boards (Fawn) and darker brown for the stringers and posts (New Bark);
  1. BCAL shall only reimburse the aforementioned costs upon presentation of receipts showing the purchase of the eligible materials, and after inspection by one or more members of the BCAL board of the finished repairs, and confirmation that said repairs have occurred in accordance with this policy;
  1. The BCAL board may also refuse any application in the event any otherwise eligible repair work has been completed prior to the board communicating its acceptance of the application, or in the event the BCAL board determines, in its sole discretion, that any of the otherwise applicable deterioration in the fence is as a result of the neglect or recklessness of the homeowner;
  1. The BCAL board may amend, postpone, cancel, or re-instate this policy at any time in its sole discretion.