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2017 Lecture

Historical & Cultural President’s Advisory, Bulyea Heights

Lectures of Historical and Cultural Interest to Bulyea Heights

 Lecture II

What Were They Thinking?  Reflections on the Negotiation of Treaty 6 (1876)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 7: 00 pm

Brookview Community Centre, 280 Bulyea Road

Key Note Speaker:  Dr. David J. Hall taught Canadian and western Canadian history at the University of Alberta from 1969 to 2004.  He had a particular interest in the development of federal policies with respect to the prairie West in the period between Confederation and the First World War.  He published a two-volume biography of Sir Clifford Sifton, Minister of the Interior (1896 - 1905) under Sir Wilfrid Laurier.  His most recent book is "From Treaties to Reserves:  The Federal Government and Native Peoples in Territorial Alberta, 1870 - 1905."  

About the Lecture

Rezoning of Surplus School Sites Update

Dear Brookview Residents,
(Note: This was approved at the April 18 City Council Meeting)
On March 10th, 2016 the City of Edmonton sent all residents of Brookview (Bulyea Heights) a NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING regarding Bylaws:  17576 and 17577.  Unfortunately, the City provided no historical context, and the notice has resulted in more questions than answers.
The questions we are fielding from Brookview residents center around the legality of the rezoning of the original surplus school sites or the concept of self determination, as if our community had a say in what to do with the surplus school sites.  The actual Bylaws relate to combining the existing, already rezoned sites into one larger site, thus saving the more desirable green space near the Bulyea Road/Buchanan Road four-way stop.

Brookview on Good Friday 2016

Enjoy while you can.  This view will disappear with the coming of the First Place Housing Development

Home Owner Association Membership

With Condominium Corporations, Community Leagues, The City of Edmonton and Home Owner Associations (HOA), it is easy to get confused about who takes care of what in your neighbourhood.  This article is meant to offer some awareness about Home Owner Associations as they are a growing trend in Edmonton.

Bulyea's Carriage at Fort Edmonton

This carriage was used by Alberta's first Lieutenant Governor for formal occasions.  This Carriage has been adapted as the symbol for our community and the logo for our home owners association.  Recently all the street name blades were replaced in the neighbourhood and this symbol was used in all the signs.  


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