Brookview Homeowners Association Ltd

280 Bulyea Road NW

Edmonton, AB

T6R 1W5

Boulevard Maintenance

The Brookview Homeowners Association is looking into taking over the maintenance of some of the more visible City owned boulevards and islands in the neighbourhood and is currently awaiting City permission to do so.  This is City property and we are are very aware of how terrible some of the areas look right now, though without permission BHOA could be fined for removing plant materials from these areas.  Our plan is to remove the overgrown shrubs and place mulch for a cleaner look in some areas.  Certain materials like rock mulch is not permitted by the City guidelines in areas under trees such as these.  This permission was applied for back in March 2021 and we still have not gotten the green light to take care of it, nor do we have a contractor available to do the work right away.  We are also looking into having the areas in front of the Buchanan Road signs redone but the contractor we used in the spring to redo the areas in front of the Burton Road signs is not available to do this work until the fall of 2021 at the earliest so we are looking at having another contractor take over this work.  As for weeds in the boulevards and islands, if you see them in City owned property near you there is always the option of you and other neighbours “adopting” the area(s) and weeding them yourselves.  The BHOA has expanded their scope as to what we maintain into some City land but due to our limited budget and Board consisting of only five current members we cannot take care of every area in Brookview.  Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Fee Payments

Any unpaid 2021 BHOA fees are now long overdue, past the March 31, 2021 due date as per the invoices that were sent out in late January / early February 2021.

Invoices were either delivered to your door, emailed to you (if you had given email correspondence permission) or sent via Canada Post if the homeowners mailing address is outside of Brookview.

If you have made your payment, we thank you and you can ignore this reminder.  If you have not yet paid your fees, or are unsure, please contact the administrator by phone (780) 437-8761 or email at to enquire.


A Brookview Sunset

A 2016 view of bygone days

Bulyea's Carriage at Fort Edmonton

This carriage was used by Alberta's first Lieutenant Governor for formal occasions.  This Carriage has been adapted as the symbol for our community and the logo for our home owners association.  Recently all the street name blades were replaced in the neighbourhood and this symbol was used in all the signs.  


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