October 4 2020 Update

Hello Brookview Homeowners,

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Brookview Homeowners Association is set for Wednesday October 28, 2020.

AGM documentation packages have now been provided to all homeowners.

For the approximately 500 homeowners who signed up for email delivery of correspondence, your AGM package was sent via email to the email address you provided on your permission form.  If you have not yet found it, check your spam folder and spam filter settings as the package does contain a number of pdf files.

For homeowners who do not live in Brookview and did not sign up for email delivery of correspondence, your AGM package was sent via Canada Post.

The remaining approximately 700 resident homeowners had printed packages visibly put in the mailbox at their front door.  If you don’t have a mailbox or your mailbox was full of other material, the envelope was securely inserted into the door jamb.  Please check your mailboxes and front door.

Fee Update

Hello Brookview Homeowners,


BHOA fees for 2020 were deferred with a due date of September 30, 2020 from the original due date of March 31, 2020 to allow homeowners additional time to arrange payment if there were Covid-19 related financial issues.  To date, approximately 75% of homeowners have made their payment for 2020, leaving 25% that have not – approximately 300 homeowners.


If you have not yet made your payment for 2020, please arrange to do so before Sept 30, 2020 to avoid the 4.225% interest charge that will apply for payments received after Sept 30, 2020.  Fees unpaid after December 31, 2020 will attract an additional 4.225% interest charge.


July 2020 Update

Hello Brookview Homeowners,


Over the last several and next several weeks you will be seeing the results of several initiatives that the volunteer BHOA board has undertaken in our community this spring and summer of 2020.


The first is the replacement of the bronze road sign lettering on the brick walls at the entrances to the community from Terwillegar Drive, Burton Road, Burrows Crescent, Buchanan Road, Burley Drive and Rabbit Hill Road.  In addition, the brick was cleaned and any deterioration in the brick is being repaired.  The new Burrows Crescent and Rabbit Hill Road lettering has not yet been put up as those signs are waiting for replacement brick to arrive that matches the existing brick as closely as possible.  The new lettering will be more reflective at night for visibility.  Much of the bronze lettering that was removed was no longer in good shape due to corrosion which significantly diminished its reflective qualities.


Extension to fee Deadline

Hello Brookview Homeowners Association Ltd (BHOA / BCAL) Members,

 With the rapidly growing issues related to COVID-19, the BHOA board has considered the situation related to the fee payment deadline and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is going to make the following changes for 2020 to ease potential difficulties that appear sure to occur over the next several months.

 The deadline for paying the HOA fees without penalty will be extended from March 31, 2020 to September 30, 2020.  No interest charges for late payment will apply until after Sept 30, 2020 and Dec 31, 2020.

2020 Fee Increase

As per the motion passed at the 2019 AGM, BHOA fees for 2020 will be increasing from $120 + GST to $150 + GST (total $157.50).  Invoices will be produced in January 2020 and made available to homeowners around the end of January with a payment due date of March 31, 2020.

A Brookview Sunset

A 2016 view of bygone days

Bulyea's Carriage at Fort Edmonton

This carriage was used by Alberta's first Lieutenant Governor for formal occasions.  This Carriage has been adapted as the symbol for our community and the logo for our home owners association.  Recently all the street name blades were replaced in the neighbourhood and this symbol was used in all the signs.  


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