Fee Payments

The Brookview Homeowners Association Ltd (BHOA) has recently become aware of a problem with Canada Post failing to deliver mailed envelopes containing fee payments that began in early December 2020 and continues to this day.  Most of the mailed envelopes get through properly, but a handful have been returned to the sender with a yellow “Return To Sender” sticker covering the mailing address, implying that BHOA has moved or is unknown.  This is a failure on the part of Canada Post.  The mailing address for BHOA is correct as provided on the website and all correspondence including BHOA mailing envelopes.

In some cases, it has taken 2 months for the mailed envelopes to be returned to the sender (the homeowner).  As a result of this failure by Canada Post, those homeowners who attempted to make a fee payment before the end of 2020 to catch up on 2020 fees, will have seen an additional late charge on their 2021 invoice for unpaid fees.

If you have had any mailed envelope to BHOA returned to you, please keep the envelope as evidence and inform the BHOA administrator at 780-437-8761 or by email to service@brookview.ca .  Please either make arrangements with the administrator to pick up the returned envelope or move the yellow return to sender sticker aside to reveal the mailing address but still visible and take a photo of the front of the envelope and email it to the administrator.

BHOA has raised the issue with Canada Post this week.  Canada Post is conducting an investigation and has indicated they will respond by Friday Feb 26, 2021.  The BHOA intends to make the point to Canada Post that they should be responsible for any additional late fees charged on the homeowners account as of Dec 31, 2020 if the mailing address on the envelope is correct.  Not sure yet how they will make this right.


Bill Parsons

BHOA Account Administrator

Tel: (780) 437-8761

Email: service@brookview.ca



A Brookview Sunset

A 2016 view of bygone days

Bulyea's Carriage at Fort Edmonton

This carriage was used by Alberta's first Lieutenant Governor for formal occasions.  This Carriage has been adapted as the symbol for our community and the logo for our home owners association.  Recently all the street name blades were replaced in the neighbourhood and this symbol was used in all the signs.  


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