Homeowners' Fees

BCAL fee invoices for 2019 were delivered to homeowner doorsteps or sent by mail to titled owners who don’t live in Brookview by Feb 1, 2019 with a due date of March 31, 2019.  Accounts in arrears after the due date will have the typical interest penalty of approximately 5% applied.  Accounts still in arrears after September 30, 2019 will have an additional interest penalty of approximately 5% applied.

A Brookview Sunset

A 2016 view of bygone days

Bulyea's Carriage at Fort Edmonton

This carriage was used by Alberta's first Lieutenant Governor for formal occasions.  This Carriage has been adapted as the symbol for our community and the logo for our home owners association.  Recently all the street name blades were replaced in the neighbourhood and this symbol was used in all the signs.  


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